About Us

We pursue customer satisfaction in Kanto area, especially in Tokyo by utilizing advanced expertise and network on real estate that we have accumulated in Azabu for 50 years.


We will introduce a property according to your needs such as condominium, land, or detached house. Specialist staff will assist you with relocation and consultation for investment property and commercial property as well.


We will assess prices for condominiums, lands, detached houses etc. for free. Based on the latest market trends, we will be in touch with the plans and discuss further on the process and taxes applied to sell. We have partnership with tax accountants and lawyers, so you can receive legal advice.


We will assist you with rental brokerage for condominiums, apartments, offices and shops. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries including our managed property and property in your preferred area.

For Owners

Please ask us about the vacancy countermeasure and the recruitment of residents of your apartment. We will propose a wide range of proposals such as offering value improvement from rent assessment, taking advantage of know-how that we have been managing lease for many years.


We propose solutions in optimized real estate utilization to find new real estate value against your owned real estate which may not be used effectively being an empty lot, or an old building.

Property Management

We have been managing apartments and buildings mainly in Azabu-Juban. You don’t have to worry anymore about troubles with residents, collecting rent, building maintenance etc., we will deal with them all.